Month: May 2014

Memorial Day holiday hours

Financial markets and Vanguard offices in the U.S. will be closed on Monday, May 26, for the Memorial Day holiday. Transaction requests we receive after the markets close on Friday will be processed with Tuesday’s trade date and share prices.

Use Annuities To Protect Yourself From Yourself

Everyone ages. And whether or not we care to admit it, each of us faces the risk of suffering from severely diminished cognitive ability as we grow older. In a recent article, Howard Gold referred to this as “the biggest retirement risk no one talks about.” The statistics are staggering: […]

5 Ruthless Retirement Tips From House Of Cards

You might not normally include “ruthlessness” in a list of your coveted characteristics.
Thankfully, most people aren’t ruthless and cunning — most of us strive to be good people and contribute to society. However, suspending judgment for a moment, some degree of fierceness could be advantageous when applied to your own retirement planning.
Retiring someday is getting to be a difficult task. For some, it’s a pipe dream. According to a Northwestern Mutual Study, “Planning and Progress 2014”: