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A Day in Puerto Vallarta: Arte Culinario

A Day in Puerto Vallarta: Arte Culinario

Everyone I know who has visited Puerto Vallarta seems to have found a gem in Arte Culinario. It’s a restaurant but it isn’t just any typical restaurant, as they cater to a whole other dining service when it comes to food.

Arte Culinario serves gourmet cuisine and people call the food here “handcrafted” meaning, everything is made from scratch or unblemished, unmodified, unprocessed raw items. The food is personalized, which means you can order something and state your preference and the chef will prepare this for you. You can have deliciously healthy food here.

The Chef is very famous for his creations and the products use come from a farm nearby, where everything is grown organically.

They can also serve food to go, you just have to call them up and then pick it from the restaurant. The locals are loyal patrons of this this place when they’re too tired to cook, or when they need the best food served for parties and celebrations, as the restaurant also does catering.

For a great dining experience, this is the place to go to. Even if you don’t typically enjoy organic food or gourmet food, visiting this place should be part of your itinerary when you’re coming to Puerto Vallarta.

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