Advantages Of Relocating to Mexico


What you need to know

Located on the Bay of Banderas in Jalisco, Mexico is the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, a town known for it’s fun, sun, beautiful landscape and friendly residents. In fact, it’s often said that Puerto Vallarta is the friendliest town and has even been given such a distinction, internationally recognized as one of the leading places to relocate.
Expats from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have chosen to call Puerto Vallarta home; and, with plenty of good reasons. It’s not just the warm weather, with balmy breezy summers and mild winters, or the fact it’s location is ideal for traveling back and forth to the states, it’s because the town has so much more to offer.

The Exciting Yet Tranquil Lifestyle of Puerto Vallarta

There’s a lot to see and do, not only within the city, but beyond into the mountains and down the coast. What’s great about this particular town is it’s growth. It isn’t a big city, it’s a resort community and, it has plenty of economic drivers which means it offers a tropical lifestyle with modern amenities.
Residents here enjoy the gorgeous beach one day and can venture into the mountains the next. There are a number of festive occasions and much to do in outdoor activities. Condo communities in Puerto Vallarta feature the best in creature comforts, and many have on-site amenities such as a spa, pool, fitness center, and tennis court. What’s more, the communities are typically gated, with 24 hour security.

Advantages of Living in Puerto Vallarta

While the many creature comforts and activities, as well as laidback lifestyle are wonderful, there are still more reasons so many people have relocated from the United States to Puerto Vallarta. Tourists who visit the city quickly learn why it’s such an attractive place to live:

  • Cost of living. Living in the United States can be expensive, especially during retirement. The cost of owning property can be a very big burden. However, property in Puerto Vallarta is quite inexpensive comparably to the US. What’s more, people can get more home for less money, yet still live in one of the most tranquil, beautiful places on the planet.
  • Less monthly expense. Saving money goes beyond the price of property in Puerto Vallarta. Utilities are also less expensive in the area. Because of the city’s location, residents use less energy and since the condo communities are newer, they are more efficient.
  • Health care is readily available, and less expensive. Unlike the United States, getting to see a physician isn’t complicated and, it costs less.
  • Business friendly environment. In contrast to many cities and states in the US, the town, indeed the state of Jalisco and the country of Mexico is quite business friendly. Several people who have relocated to Puerto Vallarta have started their own business and are reaping the benefits.
  • All in one. Residents here can choose to go to the beach or take to the ocean and dive or fish. The mountains are a wonderful place to spend a day, and, the city has a lively urban environment.

By John Swanson from Boardwalk Realty Puerto Vallarta
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