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Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: 5 Tips for effective property search

                5 TIPS TO AN EFFECTIVE HOME SEARCH IN PUERTO VALLARTA The purchase of a home is likely the single largest financial commitment you will make in your lifetime.  When coupled with the fact that you are considering investing in a second home in a foreign country, it is imperative that you have #1, a

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: 7 Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

7 MISTAKES TO AVOID ON YOUR HOME SEARCH IN PUERTO VALLARTA Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.  Therefore,#1, failing to plan and research will certainly get you off on the wrong foot.  Having a plan, being confident and in control is a good path to getting

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Our Market Today

                CURRENT PUERTO VALLARTA REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE Although the market for Puerto Vallarta real estate has slowed, it has not stopped.  Since closing our physical office and working from home since mid-March, (per government recommendations) we have several new offers in process.  Last week, the Google search term “Puerto Vallarta Real Estate” was up

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa It’s fun to dress up as Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata for Halloween, Mexican Revolution celebrations in Mexico, and Cinco de Mayo in the US (they don’t actually celebrate this day in Mexico). If those donning costumes knew more about Pancho Villa, who was frequently referred to as the Centaur of the North,

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: All That Jazz

Puerto Vallarta Jazz Festival We love to introduce friends to new acts in town and there is always an element of surprise. Many people find it hard to believe there is so much talent in Puerto Vallarta. It’s impossible to find a night during high season that entertainment isn’t available. We’ve been aware of this

Vallarta: how are our friends that own small businesses getting by?

By Boardwalk Agent John Swanson in Banderas News: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – For many of us, one of the hard parts about being quarantined is a feeling of helplessness. Here in Vallarta, where its kind people are world-renowned, we wonder… “how are our friends that own small businesses getting by? I wonder if my favorite bakery

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Scooters

Scooters in Puerto Vallarta The municipality of Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara, has recently approved the introduction of electric scooter rentals, a pilot project that will start on December 2, 2019, when 250 scooters will appear for rent on the streets of Zapopan. You know something like this will soon be available in Puerto Vallarta,

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Buen Fin

Buen Fin and Mexican Economy If you were out and about in Puerto Vallarta the past couple of weeks, you couldn’t have missed the advertising of Buen Fin. Buen Fin is Black Friday in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta gets in on the act in all of their popular shopping venues. This year topped the charts

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Coffee

Coffee for a Cold Winter Night One of our favorite things about the winter holidays in Puerto Vallarta is the availability of the yummy drink café de olla. This delicious coffee beverage can be found year round if you know where to look but around Christmas it’s more abundant on the streets of Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: New Years

New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta Our first visit to Puerto Vallarta was during the holidays. This time of year brings back the best memories. We’d never heard of some of the traditions observed here and now love to celebrate year after year, learning our way as we go. We still have trouble making twelve

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Geckos

Love Our Geckos! Our first experience with geckos in Puerto Vallarta began as an annoying clicking that we thought was someone monkeying around with our window latch. We got up and stumbled around in the dark, saw nothing disturbing and went back to bed. Not to sleep. The clicking continued. In time, we learned the

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta Our first Day of the Dead experience in Puerto Vallarta was long before 2008, when UNESCO recognized the holiday on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, those traditions that are passed down from generations. Día de los Muertos is an occasion of the reaffirmation of indigenous

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Potholes

Potholes Keep the Economy Going Sometimes the potholes in Puerto Vallarta are so big, we are afraid to drive over them, lest we disappear into their black depths. The big ones, however, are outnumbered by thousands, possibly millions of smaller potholes that can make for a rough ride, especially once the sun goes down over

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting in Puerto Vallarta You’re going out of town for a few nights, maybe on a small getaway or back to your home country for a holiday or family emergency. You don’t want to bring Fido (Arf!) and Fifi (Meow!), so what do you do? Pet-sitting is just as important as child sitting for