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Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Movie Time

Meet You at the Movies Puerto Vallarta has always been big on movies, for locals, expats and tourists alike. From the old Bahia in the middle of town (now sadly gone), to the huge multiplexes in the malls, there has never been a shortage of places to catch up on a film. We’ve had a

Vallarta Life: Formality Lesson

Titulos and Formalities In Puerto Vallarta, did you know it’s important to address professionals by their title? Unless you’re on a first name basis with your Doctor, he or she is Doctor (masculine form) Garcia or Doctora (feminine form) Diego. However, just as significant are the titles of your engineer Ingeniero or your architect Arquetecto,

Vallarta: What Do You Call A….

What is a Tapatío? Tapatío is much more than a salsa, which by the way is made and sold in the United States. Though it’s often thought to be a product of Guadalajara, it only represents this gracious city. The tagline “It’s a sauce that’s…very saucy!” is a compliment to the capital of Jalisco, the


Saturday, October 20 – From 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, browse your favorite market vendors for freshly baked breads, quality organic vegetables, authentic English pies, prepared-fresh Thai dishes, gourmet chili, gorgeous flowers and so much more at the Paradise Community Center, located at Pulpito #127 on Puerto Vallarta’s south side. Sunday, October 21 – PEACE

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Best Beach Town In Mexico

What Makes Puerto Vallarta the Best Beach Town? Puerto Vallarta was once a quiet port, agriculture being its main contribution. In the mid-60’s all that changed when John Huston decided to film his steamy movie The Night of the Iguana, based on the Tennessee Williams novel. The heat wasn’t just on screen however, and Hollywood

Advantages of Living in a Puerto Vallarta Condo

Condo or single family home? It’s a question many people ask when ready to purchase a home in Puerto Vallarta. Life in a condo community will be different than living in a single family or “free standing” home, there’s no doubt. But other than price, which clearly gives a condo an advantage over a single

Vallarta Life: Pier History

The Pier and Puerto Vallarta Periodically we see photos and old posts of the pier that was replaced by the current modern and highly designed wharf where boats continue to come and go, as they did in more humble times. Some say they like the old pier better but we find those people are similarly

New Listing: Puerto Vallarta Has The Best… (read more)

Best Burger in Vallarta Puerto Vallarta has so many great restaurants. Some specialize in steak, others in shrimp, and there are many countries whose palates are represented, from Middle Eastern and Chinese to Eastern European and South American. Since people love polls as much as they love hamburgers, regardless of their food culture, we have

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Pesky Critters

Mosquitoes Puerto Vallarta is not free of mosquitoes. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, we’ve been told. Eliminating them, however, is not simply a major challenge, it is a task associated with harm to the environment and we have enough of that already. There is ongoing research into how to find a balance in

Vallarta: It’s Time. To Buy Or Sell Real Estate

2019 has been a great year in Puerto Vallarta, filled with fun activities, good times, beautiful weather and a very busy Real Estate Market.  Lets look at some past stats: If you are thinking about buying or selling in Puerto Vallarta, its time to act.   Here are some statistical comparisons between the first nine months

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Day Pass

Day Passes to Pools in Puerto Vallarta We are often asked about day passes to local hotels with pools in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a smart way for establishments to make money and keep their staff busy. Usually you can get a day pass and use it as credit for food and drinks. If you don’t

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Potholes

Potholes Keep the Economy Going Sometimes the potholes in Puerto Vallarta are so big, we are afraid to drive over them, lest we disappear into their black depths. The big ones, however, are outnumbered by thousands, possibly millions of smaller potholes that can make for a rough ride, especially once the sun goes down over

In Puerto Vallarta a Cultural Exercise

Walks When you are tired of watching whales (that could never be tiring, really, but it’s a bit too much sun and sea for us), lolling in the sun on the beach and sipping margaritas, take some time to soak up some culture and burn off those guacamole calories. Vallarta has wonderful walking tours. Gary

Vallarta Life: History, Benito Juarez

Benito Juárez Benito Juárez is a significant figure in Mexican history and we see his name in many places in Puerto Vallarta. There are streets named for him, an entire colonia (neighborhood), schools, businesses. Born on March 21, 1806, the birthday of Benito Juárez is celebrated every year in Mexico on the third Monday in

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Walking Tours

Walking Tours in Puerto Vallarta Walking tours are the way to go in any city. Whenever we vacation in a new location, we seek out walking tours, the best way to learn about a place, its people, food, and culture. In Puerto Vallarta, we have Vallarta 101, a walking tour, in which you pay what