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Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta Oftentimes we have disappointed tourists who thought they were coming to Puerto Vallarta but found themselves in Nuevo Vallarta instead. This happens because most travel agents haven’t been here themselves to know the difference. Vallarta equals Vallarta on paper and they seem pretty darn close on a map. Nuevo Vallarta, using the name,

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: : Vegetariano

Vegetarian Restaurants Many years ago we were delighted when Planeta Vegetariano opened on the north side of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral. It was a great choice to treat our vegetarian friends and at the time it opened, there was nothing like it in Puerto Vallarta. Their buffet had a great variety and the place

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: New Years

New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta Our first visit to Puerto Vallarta was during the holidays. This time of year brings back the best memories. We’d never heard of some of the traditions observed here and now love to celebrate year after year, learning our way as we go. We still have trouble making twelve

Top 10 Things In Puerto Vallarta – Its Hard To Stop At 10

Top Ten Puerto Vallarta To-Do List With so many things to do in Puerto Vallarta, we can’t begin to mention them all, but here’s a list of our top ten picks: 1 A stroll down the Malecón. Our favorite time is Sunday evening when families have a multi-generational gathering; the pace it leisurely and unhurried. 

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Whales!

Humpbacks! Our beautiful humpback whales are back in Puerto Vallarta, gracing the Bay of Banderas with their amazing ballet in the ocean. There are many ways to schedule a boat ride out on the water and we recommend exploring the options before embarking on your adventure. Check with vendors on the Beach at Los Muertos

Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya

Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya, is a 5 star all-inclusive Mexican-style resort. It offers 316 suites with excellent service, leisure and amazing sceneries. These are only a few reasons why Hotel Barcelo was awarded the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award in 2009. Situated between the jungle, mountains and the sea of Puerto Vallarta, La Jolla

Vallarta: how are our friends that own small businesses getting by?

By Boardwalk Agent John Swanson in Banderas News: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – For many of us, one of the hard parts about being quarantined is a feeling of helplessness. Here in Vallarta, where its kind people are world-renowned, we wonder… “how are our friends that own small businesses getting by? I wonder if my favorite bakery

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: : When Leaving

Leaving Puerto Vallarta Whether you’re visiting or live in Puerto Vallarta, there are customs agreements that we must all follow when packing our bags. These are allowances typical of all countries but we know the USA and Canada go by these requirements. Of course, buying in Duty Free shops is a great idea because you

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Navy Day

Navy Day in Puerto Vallarta Mexico celebrated her first Navy Day in 1942 and Puerto Vallarta took up the tradition not long after, in 1949. Navy Day is one of the holidays Mexicans observe that usually misses tourist attention. Expats living in Puerto Vallarta eventually catch on and some are fortunate enough to be invited

Vallarta: May Has Its Perks

The Merry Month of May! May is a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta! Many snowbirds have flown north and tourism drops off somewhat, yet fun events and local traditions keep the town popping like a string of firecrackers on Chinese new year. One of our favorite affairs of the season has always been the Altruism

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: What Time Is It Here

Time Changes Spring ahead, Fall back. That’s how we’ve always remembered the method of changing clocks. Daylight Savings starts in the spring and ends in the fall, this year on October 27th in Puerto Vallarta. A little known fact about Daylight Savings Time or DST, is that Canada was a leader in this time-change trend.

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Issues that matter to us all

Environmental Issues in Puerto Vallarta When we decide to live here, we must be a part of the effort to face serious issues. Any fool knows there is no such thing as true paradise but we can do our best to help it be as perfect as possible. The water issues facing Puerto Vallarta are

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Ever Considered Living Here?

Extranjera Experience Puerto Vallarta has a great event in store for women living, or considering living in Puerto Vallarta. This event from July 12 to 14, 2019 is all about community connections for those living in Puerto Vallarta, short and long term. Extranjera translates to female foreigner, therefore it encompasses many people, even women who

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Rumor Mills

Rumors in Puerto Vallarta Social media has given new life to people who love gossip. There are countless sites to look up news about anyplace in the world but it’s important to crosscheck, investigate, and do your own research when it comes to rumors. In recent months, Puerto Vallarta has been touted as the safest

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Scooters

Scooters in Puerto Vallarta The municipality of Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara, has recently approved the introduction of electric scooter rentals, a pilot project that will start on December 2, 2019, when 250 scooters will appear for rent on the streets of Zapopan. You know something like this will soon be available in Puerto Vallarta,