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Vallarta Life: Pier History

The Pier and Puerto Vallarta Periodically we see photos and old posts of the pier that was replaced by the current modern and highly designed wharf where boats continue to come and go, as they did in more humble times. Some say they like the old pier better but we find those people are similarly

Vallarta Life: Frida

Frida Kahlo In Puerto Vallarta, we have been a fan of Frida Kahlo for many years.  Frida is an icon in Mexico and has long been revered in many ways. She is a symbol of strength, and the ability to overcome great obstacles. Frida’s mother was mestiza from Oaxaca who married a German immigrant; they

Vallarta Life: Who Won Big In Hollywood? Mexico

Mexico Takes Hollywood As we watched from our cozy home in Puerto Vallarta, it was a thrill to see this year’s Academy Awards from Los Angeles, California, where several Oscars were handed out to Mexicans! Alfonso Cuarón accepted the honor for Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Foreign Film for his film Roma! Congratulations are

Vallarta Life: Yoga Time

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta Yoga has become very popular in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This continent may love its variety of food, spices and special drinks but health has been on an uptrend in the past couple decades, with Yoga being in the forefront. Though there are several others, Davannayoga in el Centro

Puerto Vallarta: Moro Paraiso Restaurant

Most people call Moro Paraiso as a hidden gem, and it actually is. The restaurant sits by a dirt road and one has to go several miles up the Paso Ancho by the Cuale River. The place is accessible by walking, if you go there by bus. You can also take a taxicab going to

Vallarta Life: Formality Lesson

Titulos and Formalities In Puerto Vallarta, did you know it’s important to address professionals by their title? Unless you’re on a first name basis with your Doctor, he or she is Doctor (masculine form) Garcia or Doctora (feminine form) Diego. However, just as significant are the titles of your engineer Ingeniero or your architect Arquetecto,

Vallarta – Where The Gringos go?

Gringos Newcomers to Puerto Vallarta are often surprised by how freely the label gringo is tossed around. They liken it to other labels that are seen to be derogatory and in some cases, racist. The word gringo long ago lost its power to insult, and is now how many foreigners have come to describe themselves.

Vallarta Life: Charro Time

Charros Horses were not indigenous animals to the Americas. They were brought by the Spaniards and caused great shock and fear among the natives, who were confused by these centaur-looking creatures. Word spread quickly of the monsters, who were slaughtering villages; men, women, and children. The Europeans had a great advantage and Mexico never really

Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya

Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya, is a 5 star all-inclusive Mexican-style resort. It offers 316 suites with excellent service, leisure and amazing sceneries. These are only a few reasons why Hotel Barcelo was awarded the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award in 2009. Situated between the jungle, mountains and the sea of Puerto Vallarta, La Jolla

Vallarta Life: Constitution Time

Constitution Day Puerto Vallarta loves any day when there’s a reason to celebrate. Constitution Day, on February 5th is recognized at the official date when the Mexican constitution was created in 1917. Drafted by Santiago Queretaro, the Public Constitution of the United Mexican States, or the Fundamental Law of Magna Carta, was signed by Venustiano

Vallarta Life: History, Benito Juarez

Benito Juárez Benito Juárez is a significant figure in Mexican history and we see his name in many places in Puerto Vallarta. There are streets named for him, an entire colonia (neighborhood), schools, businesses. Born on March 21, 1806, the birthday of Benito Juárez is celebrated every year in Mexico on the third Monday in

Vallarta Life: Mexican – Its the right way to say it.

What is a Mexican? In Puerto Vallarta we don’t hear the term Hispanic as much as we do Latino. There is a justifiable reason for this. Hispanic is technically considered to be someone from a Spanish speaking country, which has been disputed by those who don’t consider themselves of Spanish ancestry. Mestizo once referred to

Vallarta Life: Safety

Protect Yourself Recently someone posted on a well known Facebook thread, asking what type of protection they need in Puerto Vallarta. The responses, as usual, got out of hand and the thread had to be closed, due to nastiness on the part of some commentors. This is too bad because it’s an issue that should

Advantages of Living in a Puerto Vallarta Condo

Condo or single family home? It’s a question many people ask when ready to purchase a home in Puerto Vallarta. Life in a condo community will be different than living in a single family or “free standing” home, there’s no doubt. But other than price, which clearly gives a condo an advantage over a single

Vallarta Life: Turtle Time

Sea Turtles The season for baby turtle release is coming to an end in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t had the opportunity, there are still many chances. Several locations exist up and down the coast, and the concierge in most hotels can guide you to the closest one. Not many places around the globe make