Area: Elegant South Shore


Set in the dramatic hillside between Alta Vista and Conchas Chinas, Amapas is a rapidly growing area where the vast majority of North Americans are choosing to invest. Nestled into the hills just south of town, the setting is jungle and the views are striking. You could walk to town without much difficulty, but it’s a bit of a hike uphill coming back. Then again, cab fare to town is inexpensive and the privacy and views are breataking. Anchored by such legendary buildings as La Cima, Horizon, Avalon and the newest, Bay, this area continues to attract knowledgable, upscale investors, and active retirees.  There’s a tremendous amount of development going on in Amapas right now. It’s a place to keep an eye on.


The Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta, Conchas Chinas is home to a moneyed crowd. Wealthy Americans and Canadians, many retired, and a few very wealthy Mexicans live here. Many famous or powerful people have villas or vacation homes in Conchas Chinas. Some are occupied only a few weeks of the year.

The terrain is hilly and varied. Lower Conchas Chinas is either beachfront or very close to it. Upper Conchas Chinas is in a jungle setting, often with glorious views of the bay. Condos start at around $350,000 (U.S.), with villas running as high as $5 million. The best doesn’t come cheaply.

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