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Rob Boyd - Agent

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Rob Boyd moved to Puerto Vallarta from New Orleans, Louisiana. Rob has been a regular visitor to Puerto Vallarta since 1982. Rob & his husband, Kevin Wu, sold their New Orleans B&B and moved full time to Puerto Vallarta in 2013.

Rob spent his early years in the hospitality industry working for Hyatt and the Magic Pan Restaurants. In the 1990s Rob switched to hospitals, concentrating on the non clinical side of the business. Rob is known for saying, “No one ever checked out of a hospital and said that was the best appendectomy I’ve ever had. But everyone was going to tell you about the food, how clean their room was, and if the staff was friendly.”

After many years in the medical side of the “hospitality” industry, Rob & Kevin chose to open their own B&B in New Orleans instead of taking a corporate move out of New Orleans. They ran the B&B (B&W Courtyards) for 18 years. It’s typical within the B&B business to last 5-7 years; 18 years is uncommon.

Rob has always had an interest in real estate. He and Kevin have bought and sold many properties. They also received the Mayor’s Golden Hammer Award for architectural restoration on their B&B. Rob’s interest in real estate, love of Puerto Vallarta, strong people skills, and his eye for design make him an excellent choice for our Boardwalk Team!