To whom it may concern,

Let me first mention that this testimonial of our buying experience with John is unsolicited by him, entirely my idea because John deserves it.

My partner and I were first introduced to John over a phone conversation last fall when I called his office for info on one of their properties for sale.

We are not millionaires, our money is hard-earned and we tend to be risk-averse, hate being pressured into major decisions, we are honest and steer away from dishonest people, we expect nothing but the best as we have both been brought up to deliver our best whatever we undertake. John Swanson’s professionalism transpired from the first few conversations we had and throughout our entire purchase experience. John is the kind of person who cares. He is a listener, what a wonderful attribute for a sales professional! He is attentive to our needs, placing himself in our shoes constantly. John is patient. He responded to our calls and countless emails in a heartbeat, his responses were thorough and to the point, he addressed all our questions even if to say he would get back to us with the answer, John will not misguide you with assumptions. John was truly motivated by our project; he provided the right amount of guidance at the right time, leaving us as much thinking time as we needed, never pushy. He’s not in it for a short time but for the long run, which makes a world of difference in attitude, suddenly selling the right place for the buyer when the buyer’s ready is all that matters if you care about referrals! I know as I’ve also been making a living in sales for over 25 years in the industrial purchase world. The personal purchase world on the other hand is one of the emotions for the buyers, where having the right professional guide you through to the right choice is GOLD. Whether you contemplate a million dollar plus purchase or an entry-level purchase like ourselves, I’m totally confident that John will make the difference in your choice of investment as he has for us.

Thanks again John, we love our place more and more with time, makes no doubt to us now that you were right about where you thought we’d be happier!