Vallarta Life: Mexican – Its the right way to say it.

Vallarta Life: Mexican – Its the right way to say it.

What is a Mexican?

In Puerto Vallarta we don’t hear the term Hispanic as much as we do Latino. There is a justifiable reason for this. Hispanic is technically considered to be someone from a Spanish speaking country, which has been disputed by those who don’t consider themselves of Spanish ancestry. Mestizo once referred to a mix of Indigenous and primarily Spanish, but Africans and Europeans changed this over time.

Large numbers of African slaves were brought in after the Spanish conquest, to work in agriculture, just as they did in the United States. Other Europeans soon arrived in the New World, as well and it wasn’t long before everyone was having babies with everyone else. Originally it was an honor to be called Mestizo and many Indigenous women were willing to have their children labeled as such, to protect them from slavery and other evils of the downtrodden.  Less than a hundred years after Cortéz disembarked on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the mestizaje (people of Spanish and Indian blood) numbered in the tens of thousands.  The result was the majority of Mestizos being raised in the indigenous communities, where there was no chance of being mistaken for elite. Interbreeding backfired and being Mestizo was considered low class, swinging the genetic label in the opposite direction.

Hence there is a bitterness regarding Spaniards in Mexico and it remains to this day, though few are willing to go to war for the cause. In Puerto Vallarta, it’s not unusual to meet a light-skinned Mexican, with blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. They are proud to be referred to as Latino.

To be a true Mexican, one must have been born in Mexico, regardless of ancestry. Since there is no actual Mexican genome, it’s impossible to track true pedigree, but genetic diversity is under serious research and development to make DNA tagging possible. The main objective of studies is to analyze complex diseases that science and medicine have often proven to be genetically based.

If you have lived in Mexico for a certain period of time, meet all requirements, and pass the tests, you can certainly become and refer to yourself as a Mexican citizen. Mexico is much like the United States in that way. Mexico, Canada and the United States are all nothing more than melting pots of many heritages, all equal, yet different in the most individual unique ways.

Que es cómo es.

About Boardwalk Realty Vallarta:

Here are a few of our guiding principals at Boardwalk Realty:

“First of all, we really want to get to know you,”   When we know you, we can tailor home tours to your tastes.”

Secondly, there’s the legal side of owning in Mexico. “Besides our own experience, we can save you a lot of time and money by offering you complimentary consultations with our partner attorneys.  The nuances of how you buy here can save you a lot of money when you sell. It’s important to know what you’re doing on the purchase so that when you sell you can best use any tax advantages. This service is free to our clients and can be invaluable.”

Both partners agree that the most important element of Boardwalk Realty is our ongoing service and commitment to our clients after the sale.  We are both passionate about protecting the investment and security of our clients.  “Our clients become our friends, we see them socially, and we treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves”, adds Mike.

Boardwalk Realty Puerto Vallarta represents buyers and sellers of real estate in the entire Bay of Banderas area, and will soon add a rental and property management division.

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