Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: 7 Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: 7 Buyer Mistakes To Avoid


Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.  Therefore,#1, failing to plan and research will certainly get you off on the wrong foot.  Having a plan, being confident and in control is a good path to getting the best property at the best price with the least amount of stress.  Do not try to#2, “do it yourself”.  Competent, professional advice and guidance are invaluable in making a sound investment decision.  Start interviewing AMPI Realtors early in the process and choose a strong buyers advocate.  You also need to know where you stand financially, and where your investment limits are.  If applicable, ask your Realtor to recommend a loan broker with a proven track record and excellent service.  There is nothing more frustrating than finding your perfect dream house and then #3,not being financially pre-approved!  You can’t possibly know all the neighborhoods here as well as your professional AMPI Realtor who searches them for a living.  Discuss your lifestyle, likes and dislikes with your Realtor so that you do not end up #4, choosing the wrong location or type of property.  Once you find your dream home, you want to get the best deal possible.  Don’t #5, forget to ask for a comparative market analysis on the property before making an offer.  This is the same kind of report the seller receives when deciding on an asking price.  It is imperative that you have the same information in order to make the best offer.  After you have made your search, paid for the property, and either moved in or possibly rented your home, the last thing you need is a costly repair.  So do not#6, forget to have a home inspection.  Your AMPI Realtor can recommend several competent inspectors, so make sure you use them.  Many buyers believe the best way to make a good deal is to start with a #7, “lowball offer”.  This is a strategy from a naïve buyer who may not know all the details of the sale.  There is no point in antagonizing or insulting the seller.  Many sellers have made significant price reductions or are offering other terms that are of substantial benefit to a buyer.  Consult with your Realtor and make a strong offer with constructive terms.  Finally, if you find your dream home in paradise and it meets the majority of your needs, make an offer!  Don’t miss out on the best deal available in the marketplace today.  What is available today may not be there tomorrow.  If you follow your action plan, you can make a safe and secure investment.   Then you can enjoy the benefits of ownership in paradise and be free from worry and second-guessing!

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