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Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Revolution Day

Revolution Day in Puerto Vallarta It will be a long week of celebration in Puerto Vallarta this year for Revolution Day, with banks closed on November 18 and 20, schools being given the holiday, and some businesses taking the days to close and relax before the high season is upon us. Some will even turn

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Movie Time

Meet You at the Movies Puerto Vallarta has always been big on movies, for locals, expats and tourists alike. From the old Bahia in the middle of town (now sadly gone), to the huge multiplexes in the malls, there has never been a shortage of places to catch up on a film. We’ve had a

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Walking Tours

Walking Tours in Puerto Vallarta Walking tours are the way to go in any city. Whenever we vacation in a new location, we seek out walking tours, the best way to learn about a place, its people, food, and culture. In Puerto Vallarta, we have Vallarta 101, a walking tour, in which you pay what

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Arriving

Airport Arrivals Just Got Better! Few things excite us as much as arriving in Puerto Vallarta. Coming in over the mountains from the north, with an approach toward the sea, where Lic. Gustavo Díaz International Airport has been receiving visitors since November 1954, when Mexicana Airlines landed their first plane in Puerto Vallarta. It’s always

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Whales!

Humpbacks! Our beautiful humpback whales are back in Puerto Vallarta, gracing the Bay of Banderas with their amazing ballet in the ocean. There are many ways to schedule a boat ride out on the water and we recommend exploring the options before embarking on your adventure. Check with vendors on the Beach at Los Muertos

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Gourmet Delight

Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta There are Food Festivals around the world in all major cities that tempt travelers and locals. Then there’s the Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta, often attended annually by folks who come back year after year. It is a glamorous week of dining with an unrivaled opening ceremony that will take

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Flor De Noche Buena

Flor de Noche Buena Poinsettias are in proliferation in Puerto Vallarta. Everywhere one looks; parks, stores, the airport, lining streets, in private homes, restaurants, hotel lobbies and on and on. You can buy a bundle of them at roadside stands for much less than you are accustomed to NOTB. In Spanish, poinsettias are called Flor

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Vallarta At Christmas

Christmas Starts Early in Puerto Vallarta The first twelve days of December in Puerto Vallarta are busy with streets filled with people walking long distance pilgrimages to the church in the center of the city. These walks, sometimes done barefoot, are called peregrinations, which comes from the Latin peregrinari, meaning to travel abroad, invariably with

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Home Swap

Home Swapping in Puerto Vallarta Home swapping has become very popular in the past couple decades and Puerto Vallarta loves the idea. It gives people a chance to see our city, as well as Puerto Vallarta homeowners having an inexpensive getaway. If you consider this type of travel risky, don’t like the idea of people

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Travel Tips, Health

Health Tips When Traveling We love to eat, whether we’re in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere else in the world. So far we’ve been very lucky to not experience Montezuma’s Revenge or Delhi Belly, but it’s mostly about using common sense. You can partake in the local fares and not worry about spending your vacation in

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Avoiding Excess

Lessons in Not Overdoing Most people come to Puerto Vallarta and have a fabulous time. On the other hand, there are those who go overboard in all the wrong places, and we mean that literally. When you go to the beach it’s going to be HOT; you are much closer to the equator than where

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: : Fondly Calling You…

Everyone Has a Nickname in Mexico Mexicans love nicknames and they aren’t easily insulted by name-calling. Children are fondly called gordito or gordita when they are on the chubby side and Mama will take pride in her child being referred to as such, since it indicates her baby is healthy. Even as they grow older,

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Cars, Yeah or Nay?

Owning a Car in Puerto Vallarta We have owned many cars during our years in Puerto Vallarta, and agree there are pros and cons to auto ownership. We recommend you first become an official resident before buying or owning a car in Puerto Vallarta. You will have your own CURP (Unique Population Registry Code) number

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Day Pass

Day Passes to Pools in Puerto Vallarta We are often asked about day passes to local hotels with pools in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a smart way for establishments to make money and keep their staff busy. Usually you can get a day pass and use it as credit for food and drinks. If you don’t

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Do We Or Dont We Have them?

Sharks in Puerto Vallarta As far down as Zihuatanejo, you will find sharks in the waters but there simply are none in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta. Climate change has warmed the waters south of us in places like Ixtapa, which attracts sharks due to the new temperatures and currents that are attractive to typical