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Vallarta Life: Yoga Time

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta Yoga has become very popular in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This continent may love its variety of food, spices and special drinks but health has been on an uptrend in the past couple decades, with Yoga being in the forefront. Though there are several others, Davannayoga in el Centro

Living in Puerto Vallarta: Becoming Part of the Community

Q: How do we meet people here, make friends and become part of the community? A:  This can be a challenge for many new residents as they are moving to a different country with a different culture and language.  So a good place to start might be to take a Spanish language class.  Yes, this is a

Vallarta Life: Pier History

The Pier and Puerto Vallarta Periodically we see photos and old posts of the pier that was replaced by the current modern and highly designed wharf where boats continue to come and go, as they did in more humble times. Some say they like the old pier better but we find those people are similarly

Cheap Flights to Puerto Vallarta

Known by some as the “Friendliest City in the World”, Puerto Vallarta (PVR) is the fifth-largest city in the state of Jalisco in Mexico.  The center of town is lined with cobblestone streets, washed-white homes with wrought-iron balconies, and blooming flowers. Fairly close to the center of old town are luxury hotels, restaurants, and bars

Vallarta: how are our friends that own small businesses getting by?

By Boardwalk Agent John Swanson in Banderas News: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – For many of us, one of the hard parts about being quarantined is a feeling of helplessness. Here in Vallarta, where its kind people are world-renowned, we wonder… “how are our friends that own small businesses getting by? I wonder if my favorite bakery

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Language Skills

Hablas Inglés? Quite often when a person moves to Puerto Vallarta, they haven’t taken a grasp of the language, other than “cerveza, por favor” and “donde están los baños?” That’s loosely translated as “beer, please” and “where are the bathrooms?” We know about these things, as we were in the same boat misma barca many

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Issues that matter to us all

Environmental Issues in Puerto Vallarta When we decide to live here, we must be a part of the effort to face serious issues. Any fool knows there is no such thing as true paradise but we can do our best to help it be as perfect as possible. The water issues facing Puerto Vallarta are

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: : When Leaving

Leaving Puerto Vallarta Whether you’re visiting or live in Puerto Vallarta, there are customs agreements that we must all follow when packing our bags. These are allowances typical of all countries but we know the USA and Canada go by these requirements. Of course, buying in Duty Free shops is a great idea because you

Vallarta Real Estate & Lifestyle: Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta Our first Day of the Dead experience in Puerto Vallarta was long before 2008, when UNESCO recognized the holiday on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, those traditions that are passed down from generations. Día de los Muertos is an occasion of the reaffirmation of indigenous

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Rumor Mills

Rumors in Puerto Vallarta Social media has given new life to people who love gossip. There are countless sites to look up news about anyplace in the world but it’s important to crosscheck, investigate, and do your own research when it comes to rumors. In recent months, Puerto Vallarta has been touted as the safest

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: What Time Is It Here

Time Changes Spring ahead, Fall back. That’s how we’ve always remembered the method of changing clocks. Daylight Savings starts in the spring and ends in the fall, this year on October 27th in Puerto Vallarta. A little known fact about Daylight Savings Time or DST, is that Canada was a leader in this time-change trend.

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Travel Tips, Health

Health Tips When Traveling We love to eat, whether we’re in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere else in the world. So far we’ve been very lucky to not experience Montezuma’s Revenge or Delhi Belly, but it’s mostly about using common sense. You can partake in the local fares and not worry about spending your vacation in

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Ever Considered Living Here?

Extranjera Experience Puerto Vallarta has a great event in store for women living, or considering living in Puerto Vallarta. This event from July 12 to 14, 2019 is all about community connections for those living in Puerto Vallarta, short and long term. Extranjera translates to female foreigner, therefore it encompasses many people, even women who

Vallarta Life: Turtle Time

Sea Turtles The season for baby turtle release is coming to an end in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t had the opportunity, there are still many chances. Several locations exist up and down the coast, and the concierge in most hotels can guide you to the closest one. Not many places around the globe make

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Beef Dip

Beef Dip Puerto Vallarta The Beef Dip is allegedly the hottest gay event in Puerto Vallarta of the year…for bears. Bears aren’t just big hairy, beefy guys from Chicago. They are any gay man who wants to join in on the funnest time a guy can have in Puerto Vallarta. Thousands of bears may be