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Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: What Time Is It Here

Time Changes Spring ahead, Fall back. That’s how we’ve always remembered the method of changing clocks. Daylight Savings starts in the spring and ends in the fall, this year on October 27th in Puerto Vallarta. A little known fact about Daylight Savings Time or DST, is that Canada was a leader in this time-change trend.

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Chili Cook Off

Puerto Vallarta Chili Cook-Off Many years ago, when we first arrived in Puerto Vallarta, an event enlightened us to the camaraderie of the expat group, as no other had. This wasn’t drinks at a beach bar. This was a small sector of the population coming together to make a statement. A delightful chili cook-off with

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Shoes?

Wearing Shoes in Puerto Vallarta We discovered when we first moved to Puerto Vallarta that Most Mexicans don’t wear their outside shoes in their homes. They usually have cheap slip-ons, slippers or flip flops for indoors. Kids might run around barefoot inside but it’s uncommon to see a woman of child bearing age or older

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Ajijic

Ajijic For those looking for a nice adventure out of town while the temps are still high, we recommend a trip to Ajijic, a quick ten minute drive to the west of Chapala on Lake Chapala. With a population of approximately 12,000, Ajijic has moderate traffic and climate. What’s not to like? About an hour

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Huichol People

Art of the Huichol People There’s still time to see the incredible exhibit of Wixárika (Huichol) at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara. A quick trip over the mountains during the holidays is a good idea, when the beaches are crowded with nationals on winter break. Grandes Maestros del Arte Wixárika (Grand Masters of Wixárika

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Sierra de Vallejo

Sierra de Vallejo North of Puerto Vallarta, stretching from Bucerias to La Peñita de Jaltemba, we have found a biosphere reserve where approximately twenty percent of Mexico’s mangroves are found. With less than an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta, you will arrive at the southern tip of this incredible biosphere. The freshwater River Ameca meets

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Flying With Pets

Flying with Your Pet Onboard There have been some new regulations in the past year regarding flying with in-cabin pets. We want to keep everyone updated as it would be a miserable experience to arrive at the airport, with Fifi and Fido ready to go, only to be told they won’t be allowed on the

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Changing Times

Who’s Changing Mexico? As we watch Puerto Vallarta continue to grow on an annual basis, it’s clear, there are people moving here from all over the world. There’s no doubt as to where they are coming from, though who are they? According to the Pew Research Center, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans are returning to

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Women Warriors

Women of the Mexican Revolution Women, as military at every level in the Mexican Revolution, have captured the fascination of movie goers for decades. Our personal favorite is Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate), the 1989 film from the Laura Esquivel novel of the same name. Gertrudis, one of the sisters in this

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Caring For Kids

What is DIF? You may have driven by the DIF Community Center on the north end of Puerto Vallarta proper, and seen families and children playing outside or standing in line and wondered what this building holds. DIF stands for Integrated Family Development (Desarrollo Integral Familiar). We’ve heard DIF referred to as the Mexican welfare

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Dengue

What Should You Do About Dengue? One thing we’ve learned about dengue (pronounced den-gay) is that dengue mosquitoes aren’t looking for murky water. They breed in clean, clear water. This is very important to know when doing our own home inspections. In Puerto Vallarta, teams from the Department of Health, wearing bright colored vests and

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Beef Dip

Beef Dip Puerto Vallarta The Beef Dip is allegedly the hottest gay event in Puerto Vallarta of the year…for bears. Bears aren’t just big hairy, beefy guys from Chicago. They are any gay man who wants to join in on the funnest time a guy can have in Puerto Vallarta. Thousands of bears may be

Real Estate & Vallarta Life News: Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta Oftentimes we have disappointed tourists who thought they were coming to Puerto Vallarta but found themselves in Nuevo Vallarta instead. This happens because most travel agents haven’t been here themselves to know the difference. Vallarta equals Vallarta on paper and they seem pretty darn close on a map. Nuevo Vallarta, using the name,

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Revolution Day

Revolution Day in Puerto Vallarta It will be a long week of celebration in Puerto Vallarta this year for Revolution Day, with banks closed on November 18 and 20, schools being given the holiday, and some businesses taking the days to close and relax before the high season is upon us. Some will even turn

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Movie Time

Meet You at the Movies Puerto Vallarta has always been big on movies, for locals, expats and tourists alike. From the old Bahia in the middle of town (now sadly gone), to the huge multiplexes in the malls, there has never been a shortage of places to catch up on a film. We’ve had a