Best Traditional Food In Puerto Vallarta

From Taco Stands to Traditional Antojitos

If you are always looking for the best local food everywhere you go, welcome to the club!  I am also a food lover and I am always looking for the best food out there.  In my continuous quest to find the tastiest, freshest meal I have come across very interesting places in Puerto Vallarta and other parts of the bay.  I feel really blessed to have found this gastronomic oasis where I have had the opportunity to try some of the best food Mexico has on the menu.  Now I don’t just like to get what most of the touristy restaurants have to offer.  I like to dig deep into the cultural side to get the genuine taste the locals love.  This is if you want to get the real Mexican culinary experience.

Taco stands, the real deal of street food

There is nothing like a really good taco with a juicy steak, the right salsa, and some lemon juice.  Oh yes, but let’s not forget the cilantro and chopped onion on top. 

Head to Zona Romantica for some of the best tacos in Puerto Vallarta,  especially if it’s kind of late and most places are closed.  Taco stands in this part of town stay open late into the night.  La Hormiga is the most famous taco stand in this area, it is located on Lazaro Cardenas 361, in front of the Bar Reinas.  First thing you’ll see when you get to La Hormiga will be the emblematic, orange trompo spinning by the fire with some spicy meat.  The inviting smell will open up your appetite big time. 

You’ll notice that La Hormiga offers many different salsas and yummy ingredients you can add to your tacos to make them even more delicious.  Be careful not to choose the super hot salsa though, unless that’s what you need. 

The other two taco stands right next to La Hormiga and across the street sell very good tacos as well.  Most people come here looking for tacos al pastor, but they also have regular steak tacos and other options. 

Seafood Tostadas

El Oyster In Colonia Del Toro

One of the most popular spots for fresh seafood in inner PV is El Oyster, located on Calle 5 de Mayo 162 in El Toro neighborhood.  They truly serve some of the best mouth-watering dishes you can find here.  Get there around 1:00 or 2:00 PM if you don’t want to wait in line to get the service.  They sell oysters by the dozen at an unbeatable price.  Their special salsa with soy sauce and bits of zucchini is just a blessing.

Birria Tacos, A Morning Thing

Have you ever tried birria tacos?  If you haven’t you’re missing out on one of the Mexican delicacies you really have to try.  Birria tacos are the juiciest and most flavorful tacos you can get at a food stand.  These special tacos are made with tender lamb meat and a spicy chili broth called consome.  You’ll notice that the tortillas have a reddish color and that is because they are dipped in the consome before they are put on the griddle.

Birria consome is not hot, it is just tasty.  There is a special salsa you can add to the consome to make it hot (and most of the locals do)  Mexicans strongly believe that birria tacos and consome cure the hangover effects, and that is why birria tacos are a morning thing.  

One of the best food stands for birria tacos is Tacos de Birria Chanfay, it is located on Venustiano Carranza 382 in Zona Romantica.   Try to get there very early to avoid long queues.  And last but not least, don’t forget to try their cheesy birria tacos called quesabirrias

El Campanario

Antojitos is a term used for the most traditional Mexican food, which is usually sold for dinner.  Tamales, tostadas, flautas, pozole,gorditas, and sopes are considered antojitos.  The best drink to go with this wonderful food is a hot atole, which is a thick drink you can get in a variety of flavors like coconut, vanilla, walnut, or strawberry. 

The best traditional eatery to get this type of food is El Campanario, a classic venue just across from the main church downtown.  They are on Hidalgo street #339.  Try to get there around 8:00 PM to get a table right away.   And, as we say in Spanish, buen provecho!

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